Q1 When you tuck in to your salmon steak, are you aware you’re eating a migratory animal? Q2 Can you imagine what would have happened if businessmen in London and elsewhere had come up with the bright idea of caging swallows and selling them as food? Yep. You’d have had every twitcher, every member of […]


Well, that’s a depressing title, if there ever was one.   Let me explain.  I realise I’ve persuaded all sorts of people to sign up for this blog (THANKS SO MUCH!) and yet I have remained silent for months on end.  And it started so well! I can in part blame a hectic schedule – not only am […]

USE BY DATES (and all that garbage)

If I had a regular radio show, I’d call it “What Would You Un-Invent” and I’d invite guests on to suggest things they think humankind was better without. Okay, it’s not a snappy title, but it’s a flipping brilliant idea. I’d interview myself first, of course. “So, I’ve got Dillie Keane here. Dillie is an […]