Many thanks to John and Katherine Littlewood, my friends in Italy, for so quickly pointing out that I listed the LSBU event as being on 3rd November.

It’s not – it’s 4th. That just shows you how obsessed I have become with the US election.

Here is the link again. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/lsbu-sustainability-climate-action-event-series-part-two-tickets-113894178554

And two emails from me in one day surely counts as a bumper day?

Stay safe! (And good luck, Joe!)

6 thoughts on “OOPS – AMENDMENT!

  1. and you’re on at 9:30 – but apart from that, very accurate – I could use someone like you in our astrology business…

    btw have registered – will try and get there



  2. Hi Dillie

    Don’t hang out the bunting in anticipation of a Trump victory too soon, nor take off your Trump merchandise….. it is possible he might lose, although that would obviously be fake news because the count is rigged, so all should be well.

    I leave you with a quote that I heard on the news from an American woman at a rally in support of the right to bear arms…

    “ I honestly believe that Donald Trump was brought to us by God, that’s what I truly believe”

    Keep up the wonderful work… have you a Trump song in your back catalogue?

    John Dennis

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Hi Daniel, great that you’ve registered. The event begins at 9, and in my first email I made it clear that I was on at 9.30. I quote “Come to the London South Bank University virtual Sustainability and Climate Action Event. Yours truly is giving the opening keynote speech at 9.30am, followed by Q&A.”


  4. Thanks for giving the heads-up on this, I’ve got a lot more food for thought, and we are only at the end of the first morning! Your talk was great 🙂 Keep well, keep safe, and keep smiling 🙂 Dena


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