My last post garnered a few useful recommendations from my excellent readers, so rather than sit on them for a few months I thought I would pass them on. Strike while the iron is hot. Thanks to you all, it’s bloody brilliant to know that there’s a host of other eco-worriers out there doing their bit.


As my dog is a person-owner (I wouldn’t dream of saying it the other way round, I am Piper’s slave!) I have been using bio-degradable poo-bags for some years. You can get scented ones but that is er, gilding the, er, lily, surely? I never have trouble getting them from pet shops – but Shirley Jordorson recommends the ones you can get on ecovibeuk. Just make sure that they are entirely plant-based.

Ecovibe dog poo bags. Most website photos these days are protected so you can’t grab ’em and use ’em again. Since I’m sending you to their sites with no advantage to myself, I have no compunction about taking a screen shot instead, and cropping it.

However, even the best and most bio bags don’t necessarily degrade within a year if they’re buried beneath vast piles of other garbage at the dump. You need light and oxygen to compost stuff, so disposing of the bag correctly is important. Do try and use those dedicated dog poo bins. The contents are taken to commercial composting facilities where high temperatures ensure both the bags and Rover’s whoopsies are properly composted.

Better still, if the Mutt poops in your back garden, have a shovel handy and tip it down the loo without a bag. Yes, really.


Catherine Read recommends her pal’s website, Sea Green Soap which looks delightful. At the moment, you have to go through her Facebook page to purchase, but it’s worth having a peek especially as she has some doggy soap on offer!

This looks pretty and marvellous.

Last year, I went with my two NSDs (Non-Step-Daughters) on a morning’s soap-making course. I have to say it’s not rocket science. It was good fun, but the main thing I remember was that our teacher wouldn’t let us use the rose oil as it was too expensive. Never mind, we’re still using the soap and it’s lovely.

My lemongrass and parsley scented soap with poppyseed scrub! It smells gorgeous, actually.


My old pal Kristin got in touch to sing the praise of coconut fibre scourers. “They’re fantastic. Biodegradable, non-scratch etc. Highly recommend them.” Thanks Kristin! I am ordering some from Ecovibe – plus a number of other interesting, non-plastic cleaning products I’ve discovered on their COMPLETELY BRILLIANT website. And they plant a tree in Australia with every order over £30.

And just in case you’re wondering, yes, those sponge scourers are made from polymers. In other words, plastic. Get with the coconut scrub pads, folks!

As always, worth buying in bulk…

Gas gas gas…

Finally, Shirley recommends switching for your power to Good Energy. They don’t supply you with 100% renewable, they actually have rather a complex system of trading energy, but the thrust of what they’re trying to do is to significantly increase the amount of energy we use from renewable sources. And they own a number of wind and solar sites.

Shirley says, “The supply costs a bit more , but they are a lovely friendly company, who take the time to give you a personal service.”

Frankly, the energy companies we’ve used in recent years have been so appalling I would be happy to pay a bit more. I’ll see what the old man thinks.


Time also to give praise to some companies that are doing wonderful things. Shirley reminded me of 4Oceans (I’m wearing the bracelet right now, thank you so much, I was incredibly touched to get it!) They’re taking plastic from the oceans and making bracelets from them – mind you, they have taken so much plastic from the oceans it’s hard to imagine that there are enough wrists in the world to wear the squazillion bracelets they could make. Still, it’s a heroic and laudable enterprise, so hurrah for 4Oceans.

Shirley’s second valediction goes to Revive Eco, a little Scottish company run by two young Scots lads who are turning waste coffee grounds into a substitute for palm oil. I’d never heard of them but will be keeping an eye out for them in future. Have a gander at their blog – they’re pretty amazing and I wish them huge success.


I’ve had lots of recommendations on the Facebook page and also in comments here, but this is long enough already and I want to get this out to everyone before I head to Memphis… yes, ratcheting up that carbon footprint. But it’s not for a holiday, it’s for the funeral of my other half’s brother, and sometimes you must put family before good intentions and worthy behaviour. So this comes from a very sad version of me, because he was a lovely man and we were enormously fond of one another.

And you haven’t had your picture of the dog!

Here she is looking moodily hirsute on a recent visit to Hammersmith.
Picture by Jaimondo Sharpe.

Till next time, then. xxxx


  1. Thanks, Dillie. Some really good products here. The Border Terriers will certainly be smelling slightly better when I take delivery of soaps. I dont think Im alone when I say that I struggle to do the ‘right thing’ as far as leaving no trace is concerned. So sorry to hear of your loss and, yes, you’re absolutely right, we can tread our carbon footprint lightly in many areas of our lives which allows us to dig a little deeper when our heart demands. Travel well and return safe. xxx


  2. Some great ideas there, Dillie.
    Here’s another one which works for me, anyway:
    Suffering from mole hills in your garden?
    Have a dog? Maybe two or three?
    Using appropriate tools, scrape away excess earth so the hole is seen, then insert a dog turd down it. Or two, if you’re feeling extravagant.
    Continue around your garden until all such holes are stuffed with sh*te.
    You may need to continue this treatment for a few days but eventually the mole will f**k off and invade your neighbour’s garden instead. They do not like the smell of dog sh*te.
    I’m no scientist, but it works. Seriously.
    How’s that for an award-worthy example of reuse, recycle, reduce?

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  3. Ah, just read all of the ingredients of the soap…no palm oil….shall now purchase with a clear conscience. We’ve witnessed the devastation created by deforestation and the replacement by palm oil. So many animals are without homes so we need to stop buying products with palm oil or palmate and this will prevent further loss of rain forests.
    All we need to do is read what the products contain or even use Google as a guide.


    • Yes, I assumed people would take it as read that there was no palm oil in Sea Green Soap, but it’s good to be careful. However, I need to research palm oil more extensively because I am regularly told (by people sympathetic to green politics) that the alternatives on offer might be even more devastating. So whilst I avoid it where possible, I am not yet ready to write about it. This all takes quite a lot of work… I don’t think I realised what I was letting myself in for but, having said that, I am enjoying doing it!


  4. Just wanted to send my sympathy for the loss of your brother in law, I’m sorry you’re starting 2020 on such a sad note. Thank you for keeping up with your blog, which I really enjoy and find very informative, during what must be a very hard time for your family.


  5. I recommend ‘Vinegar 1001 Practical Uses” by Margaret Briggs, published by Black & White Publishing Ltd; ISBN 978-1-84502-162-7.

    White vinegar (usually diluted half and half with water) can be used for any number of cleaning jobs.

    Pamela Danvers.



    • I’m a great fan of vinegar (I make my own) and also of bicarbonate of soda which makes a FANTASTIC cleaning product. Especially if you mix the two. Love the idea of the book, will look it out. Thanks for the recommendation!


  6. Hello Dillie! Thanks for sharing the information about biodegradable poop-bags and some other dog’s products. I am also a dog owner, and these recommendations and products will be helpful for me. Thanks again and keep sharing!


  7. Have you discovered SMOL? Dishwasher and laundry tablets?

    They are “eco friendly” – not a huge amount of info on that bit, but they’re packaging is 100% recycled/recyclable and sustainable…….

    I use both and LOVE it! Subscription service you can alter at any time and the postman delivers them!

    Happy touring! X

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